Simply Divine Cupcakes Joins City Market

|| December 21, 2018

The Indianapolis City Market was excited to welcome a new merchant to the main Market House on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018 - Simply Divine Cupcakes! 

Read up on owners and bakers Sarah & David Duffy, and what you can expect at Simply Divine Cupcakes!

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What are your backgrounds?

Both of us went to college pursuing business degrees but neither of us were happy with an office job. We have been working in various retail and restaurant jobs since college but have finally found a career we can be passionate about.


How did you get into baking cupcakes?

Sarah started baking and selling cupcakes at local farmers markets nearly seven years ago. We expanded the business with the purchase of a cupcake truck and eventually with a small bakery in Irvington. Our little family has grown to include three children, all of whom are “Expert Cupcake Tasters”. During our time as farmers market vendors, we fell in love with City Market and the variety of vendors all in one place. We continued to grow and expand our business until the timing was right to open in City Market.

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What is special about your cupcakes?

Our cupcakes are baked from scratch and brought fresh to the City Market each morning. We use the finest quality ingredients, without preservatives or added chemicals, and do not use oils or shortenings. We have nearly 100 flavors that we have perfected over the years and will continue to create new and exciting flavors. We will be offering a rotation of flavors each day to ensure that each visit will include some favorite flavors as well as new ones to try.

The list of daily flavor offerings will be on our website as well as posted to our Facebook page each week. We will happily take pre-orders and have them packaged and ready for a quick pick-up. We are very flexible if you need to schedule another time to pick-up an order.

You can stop by Simply Divine Cupcakes in the City Market during the following hours:

Monday          11am-3pm

Tuesday           11am-3pm

Wednesday     11am-6pm

Thursday         11am-6pm

Friday              11am-6pm

Saturday          11am-2pm

You can also find Simply Divine Cupcakes on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram at @simplydivinecc!

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